Frequently Asked Questions


  • I’m told that I’m owed money. What’s going on?

    • Claimdog helps you search for Unclaimed Property in your name. Unclaimed Property is created when a business owes you money but is unable to contact you or get the money to you.

      For example, let’s say you are owed a rebate on a TV you purchased. However, you moved to a new residence before the rebate check arrived. The government requires that the business hand that money over to the government for safekeeping after a set period of time.

      At this point, the information is made public in hopes of reaching you. Claimdog helps you look through public Claims in your name and verify whether they’re really for you (instead of someone else with the same name).

  • How will I get my money?

    • After you find an unclaimed deposit on Claimdog, you will have to visit the state website to submit a Claim for your property. Once you submit your claim, the state government will follow up with you. It can take 3-4 weeks for your check to arrive.

  • What is Unclaimed Property?

    • State governments acquire Unclaimed Property by laws that require certain businesses to hand over money owed to customers after there has been no contact for a set period of time, or dormancy period. The exact rules vary by state. In California, the Unclaimed Property Law requires money to be turned over after three years.

      Across the United States, there is over $60 billion in Unclaimed Property -- all waiting to be returned to the rightful owners. Claimdog currently searches databases that cover 85% of this money. Tens of millions of people are owed.

      Common types of Unclaimed Property include checks, money orders, dividends, and bank accounts -- but can also include safe deposit box contents, stocks, bonds, insurance payouts, estates, mineral interests, royalty payments, trust funds, and escrow accounts.

  • What is this site and why should I use it?

    • Claimdog helps you find your Unclaimed Property and get it back. You can use Claimdog to search through publicly available lists to find property that matches your name.

  • Who are you guys?

    • Claimdog is a company based in San Francisco, California. We formed the company in 2015, dedicated to providing consumers easier ways to claim their property. You can read more about us here on the About page. We’ve built the simplest, most user-friendly way to claim your property from the State of California. Please email us if you have any questions here!

  • Is there a fee?

    • Searching for claims is entirely free (and will always be)!

  • How common is this? Might my friends have unclaimed funds too?

    • Very common, and it’s entirely possible your friends or relatives have unclaimed funds in your state or in other states in which they have lived. Nationally, over $60 billion is owed to people from state Unclaimed Property programs. In California alone, approximately 32.5 million people are owed. So once you claim your funds, check if your friends and family have them too!

      Finally, make sure you look for other sources of unclaimed funds -- Unpaid Wages, Tax Refunds, and Class Action Lawsuits.

  • Can I get more details on why exactly the money is owed?

    • Each claim has a "reason" section with a brief description of the funds. Unfortunately, this description is often very basic. It is the only information that the state government provides at this time. If the claim you are looking into does not have enough info, it might be possible to contact the state government and inquire further.

Making Claims

  • What if multiple owners are listed for my property?

    • Sometimes, there is more than one individual who can lay claim to a property. Fortunately, for you the process does not change: when you complete your claim on Claimdog, we submit a claim for your portion of the property. The government will investigate the matter and make a decision on how to split the property. Often, they seem to split the money evenly. For the rest of the money to be reclaimed, the other listed owners must file their own claims. Make sure you inform the other owners of your property so that they can collect their portions!

Additional Frequent Questions

  • Is there a time limit to file a claim?

    • No, there is no time limit. You can file a claim at any time after it has been reported to the State.

  • Does Claimdog search unclaimed property for states outside of California?

    • Yes, we do! Enter your name on the home page and Claimdog will do a search for the state you are in. You can easily change which state you are searching in by selecting that state in the dropdown that appears.

Question not on this list? Feel free to contact us.

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