About Claimdog

Making claiming your property easy

Our Mission

Getting your $60 billion back.

At Claimdog, we’re dedicated to the mission of helping people get their hard-earned money back. We've developed the simplest, most user-friendly way to search for your money and we're excited to serve you.

Our Team

We're engineers, product people, and financial experts.

The Claimdog team brings years of experience in advanced data structures and algorithms, user interface design, data security and privacy, and consumer finance. Our team comes from top engineering and product backgrounds at companies like Pinterest and Google.

The Founders

Seasoned technology entrepreneurs.

Manu Lakkur and Devin Finzer have built a variety of products for consumers, always focusing on providing a great user experience. Together they bring experience from technology companies like Google, Pinterest, and Flipboard, and training from Brown, Stanford, and Harvard.

Customer stories

We put the customer first.

At Claimdog, the customer comes first. This principle drives everything we do, and it shows in how our customers feel about us. Some folks who have found money using our site:

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